Artificial Intelligence Platform for Scale

About Us DevTools Platform powers both collaborative development and operationalization of AI/ML models in production at scale


What We Do

Enterprise wide AI platform

Automation / MLOps

Automate Hyperparameter tuning for a wide range of models, Building blocks for most common use cases across Enterprises including predefined notebooks for Exploratory analytics. Deploy Jupyter notebooks to deployable functions with simple click.


Easily monitor all your machine learning models and their versions. Visualize results across several parameters


Shared platform with controlled access to production pipelines, data, and configuration. Manage modifications to production pipelines, and support multiple data scientists or multiple data science group

Governance & Security

Modern architecture (Docker, Kubernetes, GPU for deep learning) supporting platform modularity based on user profile with enterprise grade security allowing for rapid scaling and greater shared resources


Power to you.

We believe that true value of any AI / ML model isn’t derived from model validation but when these models are deployed at scale to derive real time insights and have real life impact

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Prateek Srivastava Co-founder & CEO
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Shobhit Agarwal Co-founder & CTO
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Abhinav Singhal Chief Business Officer